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As an independent inspection agency, BEC provides services including supplier auditing, production surveillance, loading service and site inspection.

For supplier auditing, BEC offers assessment to vendor’s quality management system to ensure vendor’s capacity meeting client’s requirement.

For production surveillance, BEC delivers competent quality assurance inspectors to oversee all stages of production. Inspectors will monitor the manufacturing, inspection and/or testing of materials to assure compliance to manufacturer's and client's requirements

For loading service, BEC can supervise and inspect the quality, quantity, appearance, packaging, storage and lifting of the goods on site to ensure goods compliance with the client’s order. The whole process supervision covers the handling from factory to vessel. Every step will be fully recorded and updated to client to ensure goods’ full protection and avoid damage caused by long-distance transportation.

For the site inspection, BEC can supply service in chemical plant field and construction site.


BEC helps client to carry out progress management and provides effective assistance and coordination for the factory to deliver on time. BEC fully represents the interests of clients and coordinates the shipping schedule with clients in the form of office expediting, visit-style expediting, resident supervision & expediting, and reduces the risk of delayed delivery.


BEC has much experience in Non-Destructive Testing activities with providing high quality services to industries. BEC specialized applications will help client to enhance inspection quality, simplify processes and speed up inspection setups.

BEC has long-term cooperative third-party labs which can provide testing services on different kinds of materials. Testing shall be conducted according to specified products and local standards of client. With advanced inspection equipment and technologies ,client will save overall maintenance costs, improve production quality and ensure reliable operating processes.

Project Management Consulting (PMC)

1、Project Manpower Provision

BEC has been recruiting massive numbers of manpower from inspection industry. Since hiring workforce can be time-consuming for human resource department of every company, BEC can help provide the best workforce expertised in inspection & expediting areas. Also, BEC is ready to help any business owner in building a professional team. Therefore, client will be free from issues like employment and personnel management with cost-effective expenditure.

2、Integrated Plant Design Software

CADMATIC, a plant design and information management software, comes with the promise to shorten the lead time of design, improve the quality and accessibility of information, as well as increase the efficiency of change management in your process plant projects. 

One Solution for Efficient and Integrated Basic, Detail and Production Design:

CADMATIC is a comprehensive solution for integrated basic, detail and production design of a wide range of process plant projects. The software is suitable for relatively modest projects all the way up to the largest and most complex projects in the world.

Error-free Quality Designs for Smoother Production:

CADMATIC comes with an extended set of smart functions that eliminate many of the designer’s daily worries and routine tasks that tend to cause errors. Error-free production documentation as well as automated manufacturing information save both time and money. 

User Friendliness and Automation of Routine Tasks:

Ease-of-use has always been a core feature of CADMATIC 3D software. The software has a logical system structure and the modules can be navigated easily and in a familiar way. Routine and time consuming engineering tasks have been automated to speed up the design process and to allow engineers to focus on design quality.

Client claim: Shortest Learning and Implementation Period on the Market:

Nothing is more frustrating as well as time and resource consuming than a system that you cannot use or find difficult to master. CADMATIC software is easy to learn and has the shortest learning time for comparable systems on the market due to its intuitive menu and smart viewing techniques.

3、Engineering Document Management

EDM is an information management product for engineering projects. Based on Internet development and can be used for real-time progress calculation and statistics, and can be accurately transmitted within the system, EDM can greatly improve document management efficiency for client.


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